This is exactly what I have been talking about for 20 years! This is why you and I see things so similar! I loved that you were very open about your faith, as that is the real driver that has taken you from day one to year 30, sir!

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Great truths. If you prepare properly, next chapters are the best chapters.

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Well done Travis. And a commitment to the policing profession does not need to end at retirement from a specific agency. Mentoring, coaching, analysis, and teaching those still active is of incredible value in building the resiliency of the profession overall. Looking forward to many more years of your contributions. Tom Lemmer

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Shared this with a protege of mine who just started the academy. Great stuff.

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Yes , legacys are lasting and impactful.

The type legacy we leave depends on the choices and decisions we make throughout life.

It is a blessing for Law Enforcement that there is something like Travis who is leaving a wonderful legacy in Law Enforcement.

But , what he also pointed out is that the type of legacy and impact we leave on our family is equally as important.

I also like that Travis dosen't shy away from proclaiming his faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ , who as Jeff pointed out has kept Travis throughout his life.

Me as well.


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