Wow! Nailed it, sir! I just forwarded this and restacked it!

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Yes Jeff ,

Travis goes right in with facts , research , and proof that backs up everything he says.

As Travis will tell you , I personally have been against the use of body cans 🥫 from the onset.

It wasn't until he and Sid took the time to explain the benefits of wearing them that I have somewhat changed my position to more moderate.

What bothers me now as Travis pointed out , is when the cams show that Officers were justified in a particular use of force , false accusations of excessive use of force are still being placed on them .

Along with greedy , self serving Lawyers looking for a payday $

I remember when bodycams started being implemented with Departments nation wide , and I'm up in New York where I'm from hanging out with seasoned and experienced NYPD Officers hearing them say to me :

" Look at what they've done to us...

And , I'm like :

" Man ...

" SCREW those bodycams ! "

Now , experienced Officers with skin in the game have to second guess their training and experience ; things that just cone instinctively because if they take down someone they have to think about how it appears on camera.

Like Uncle Trav said :

" Are you ( who created this B.S. ) happy now ! ?

Bodycams showing Police Officers being spat upon , biten , clawed at , with the suspects yelling to Officers :

" I've got AIDS ! "


I know Officers bodycams , or not ; you spit in their faces , or bite them , your freaking teeth are going down your throat.

The detainee 😫

Ha,ha, 😏

My boys don't play that.

Another great point that Travis pointed out is the use of the VNR.

Look at that situation up in New York city on the subway where some crazy , homeless person gets on the train and starts menacing people.

Telling them he " dosen't care about being arrested , whatever. "

It so happens a Vet is on the train , and uses the VNR to take him down , and because his crazy behind kept trying to get out of it , he caused his own asphyxiation.

NYPD saw how it all went down , and let him walk ; that was the right thing to do.

What happens ?

Here comes the outcry for " Justice " for someone who most likely woud have harmed someone on that train.

An experienced veteran can access the threat level , and saw it necessary to get involved.

I personally have become physically involved on the train up in New York with homeless people coming into the train and menacing people.

One guy came onto the train , and was reaching into his pants and throwing whatever he had down there on them.

People were freaking out 😳😳😳

He left the car we were in , and went into another one , and continued doing the same thing.

Then , he turns around , comes back in between the train cars , pulls out his penis , and starts masturbating !!

After he was finished , he attempted to come back into our train car , and I timed it that when he opened the train door , I caught his head in it , and jammed my foot as hard as could on his neck.

The more he tried to get loose -The harder I pressed my foot.

Telling him :

" You ain't coming back in here with that sh#t !! "

I'm going to let this handle go , and you better get off at the next station."

" If you don't , it's going to be me and you."

" I'm crazy too Mother Fu#ker. "

Next stop came , he got off turned around and glared at me. "

I told him , all that shit don't mean nothing ; you took yo ass off this train. "

" See me when you see me. "

Been into many times with EDPS - have been injured by them and others as well.

Those cocksuckers are STRONG man ; they have the strength of five guys.

Even out here in Pasadena and in Los Angeles I've had run ins with them.

However , I've learned some hard lessons ; the same lesson that brave veteran has now got to deal with.

Eric ain't crap if he let's that guy indicted.

NYPD'S Lrasdership continues to deteriorate.

I wanted to say this during the podcast ,but was advised against it.

Man , Eric is a continuation of exactly what Travis is talking about !!

Next time ; I'm going in , dont care who offends it up there.

Great Article and informative as always Uncle Trav.

Standing in Truth ,


" I

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Courageous leaders will tear up 'eight can't wait' and restore proven non-lethal techniques to officer training.

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