Excellent! There are absolute hills to die on, or more to the point, hills we don’t want our officers dying on, demanding we hold our ground! Thank you!

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As usual Dr. Yates. It seems there are very few who are willing stand up for what is factual. The constant bombardment from the activists and their mouthpieces, the mainstream media is killing this profession.

The end is nearing. The USA is set for a takeover because our country is so divided.

Thank you Dr Yates for

Constantly providing talking points for me as I encourage police officers to adopt the Courageous Police Leadership Alliance Principles.

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I used the carotid control hold numerous times. It is simply the fastest, most effective and safest thing for both officer and suspect. Especially those on drugs or mental issues. Insane to take such tools away. But sanity and science have abandoned us.

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Right on the money again Uncle Trav.

I stood by Law Enforcement regarding the so - called controversial use of VNR as far back as 2014 when the Eric Garner case gained national attention.

Eric was a two bit hustler who boosted illegal cigarettes in Staten Island.

NYPD never bothered him , and let him be - which brings up another pont :

Police Officers are human with feelings of compassion and understanding , and understand someone who is just trying to make a few bucks to survive.

It wasn't until NYPD started receiving continued complaints about Mr. Garner. loitering in front of businesses and attracting undesirables that Plainclothes finally had to approach him.

They didn't confiscate his cigarettes ; just told him that people were complaining and he had to leave the area.

Garner instead of saying " good looking out guys " became hostile and aggressive towards the two Plainclothes Officers and wouldn't leave the area :

He escalated the situation.

He was a hulking 6ft 300 plus pounds and left the Officers no other choice than to use the VNR.

Homeboy was slinging those two Officers around like rag dolls man .

I want to point out that I am a black male who comes from the most dangerous part of New York :

. Brownsville , East New York , and have witnessed first hand the dangers Police Officers face out there and how things can go left for the simplest of approaches.

I always tell Officers :

" Don't listen to any of that B.S. about Police Officers being " too aggressive " and do whatever you have to do to ensure that you your partner make it back home to your families.

" Otherwise , it will be YOU in the news about how some low life killied , or seriously injured you out there."

I am someone who comes from the hood , changed my life around , and now am a Certified Mental Health Specialist with a Specialty in Forensics.

I also am an author , and write articles in support of Law Enforcement.

Some of my Articles have appeared in Law Officer " The Real Deal From an Ex Con " , and American Thinker :

" The Fallicy of The Black Lives Matter Movement. "

Both Travis Yates ( Uncle Trav ) , and Thomas Lifson from are some of my mentors.

Another of my mentors who became my Godfather was Commander Charles Sid Heal.

He taught me how to put aside inflamed emotions and look at the facts - such as the George Floyd case that was full of lies and unfactual findings.

I tell young people that their attitude and compliance will determine the outcome of their encounters with Law Enforcement.

" If you have a bad attitude , and talk crap to them - then whatever happens after that is on you. "

" If it's my guys , they're gonna put yu on yo ass. "

Straight talk , no B.S.

You get what your hand calls for.

Tom Maynard Author / Forensic Specialist , Pasadena CA

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CPLA has the principles that the profession needs at this time. I've been on the other side of the velvet rope and these special clubs are just writing to one another and making their member executives feel special. Bully organizations launching half-baked initiatives are getting officers and suspects killed. Keep up the good work Dr. Yates.

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Thank you for sharing this. I am chair of Police Week Michigan and a civilian. But I deeply value our Law Enforcement and am grateful to "know more" of what is going on. I'm also in politics so I'm happy to have more perspectives on these topics so I can push back more effectively to woke conversations and positions. Thank you!

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